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Pay congestion charge pcn

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Pay congestion charge pcn

I received a PCN yesterday for straying into the New, extended congestion charging zone. It was a silly mistake that had been annoyed at myself for making, but when i couldn't physically find anywhere convenient to pay it that afternoon, I went to Wales for an important family event and promptly ...

RE: Congestion Charging Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) ***** Thank you for your email received on 9 April 2008 regarding the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). As an Enforcement Correspondence Investigation Officer for the Congestion Charging Scheme, your email was forwarded to me for investigation and response and I will endeavour to address the ...There is congestion charge fine (called PCN) considered for those drivers avoid to pay the congestion charge on-time. Once you pay the congestion charge fine, there would be mo extra penalties. The congestion fine penalty would be £160 with 28 days deadline.The congestion fee was introduced back in 2003 in a bid to reduce traffic in Central London and boost public transport services. The US reportedly "refuses" to pay the levy as it claims "it is a tax that, under international law, should not be imposed on the United States Government.". A US embassy spokesman told the Independent: "Like the tax on petrol from which diplomats and ...

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or Excess Charge Notice (ECN) comes from a council, normally for parking or driving issues such as parking on double yellow lines, stopping in a box junction or not paying the London Congestion Charge.Aug 20, 2015. #1. TFL call centre just told me that they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice every time I drive in a congestion charging zone in my electric vehicle and, being exempt, do to pay the congestion charge. Each time, they said, I will have to call up to highlight the fact the car is electric and ask for the PCN to be cancelled.